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Passport For Senior Citizen

Passport For Senior Citizen

In order to show more concern for the senior citizens, being a senior citizen or for a senior citizen, if you are the one looking for a specific passport for Senior Citizen, then your search can be resolved here. Yes, those Senior citizens who are looking for a particular passport for Senior citizen or want to apply Passport For Senior Citizen and even need to renew or reissue the passport can apply through a more straightforward process. Besides, applying for a passport for Senior Citizens by visiting the Passport Seva Kendra would help you the best. Also, senior citizens are not required to book appointments online. 


Moreover, to avoid delays, you will get the facility of designated counters for senior citizens, so it will be easy for them to complete the process more quickly. Instead, it is hardly always possible for the senior citizens to be able to resist standing for too long at the Passport Seva Kendra. But, as per the new system, it is mandatory for all passport applicants for senior citizens to be physically present to provide their photographs and biometrics. Furthermore, the rest of the general procedures, rules, and regulations regarding passport applicants and issuance as specified in the Passports Act and Passport Rule will remain the same.  

Eligibility Criteria-

Factually, age plays a vital role when you apply for Passport for Senior Citizen, and that is anyone who has attained 65 years of age. However, going through the eligibility criteria before you apply for a passport for senior citizen is a must to know whether you are meeting the following downward requirements or not.

  • Resident of Jammu and Kashmir: First and most important, after being a resident of Jammu and Kashmir, if you are a man, then the age should be 65 years or above. On the other hand, if you are a woman, then the age should be 60 years. 
  • For the rest of India: Excluding the residents of Jammu and Kashmir, the rest of Indian citizens’ age should be 65 years or above.

However, look at the below-given points whether you fall under any of these three categories or not if you are a resident of Jammu and Kashmir:

  • First and foremost, you were born in Jammu and Kashmir. 
  • Next, your permanent address is in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Last, your permanent address is in Jammu and Kashmir.

Notably: Remember, the last points belong to the Jammu and Kashmir citizens only. And not applicable to the rest of the Indians who reside in other Indian states and have been positioned on official duty in Jammu and Kashmir by the Government of India.

Process to Apply for Passport for Senior Citizen?

Primarily, there are no special passports issued to senior citizens. Besides, the validity of an ordinary passport is 10 years and issued on post police verification basis. Moreover, the applicant must be present at the Passport Seva Kendra with the Application and legally required documents. Most importantly, there is no alternate option for another person to be present on your or senior citizen’s behalf. 

  • Initially, being an applicant, you must have to fill in the application online and make the fee payment to apply for the Passport for Senior Citizen. 
  • Next, there is no need for any slot for visiting the Passport Seva Kendra, as the Seniors citizens are allowed to walk in without needing any appointments. 
  • Further, keeping an ARN while visiting the Passport Seva Kendra is compulsory. Adding on, it is also said to applicants to refer to any advisory issued by the concerned Passport Offices on a timely basis. 

However, suppose you want to walk in without having an appointment. In that case, knowing the Passport Seva Kendra timings is necessary.

Working Days 

Monday to Friday


Saturday and Sunday 

Working Hours 

9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Lunch Break 

1:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Token Issuance

9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

Required Documents for Passport for Senior Citizen-

Before you start with the apply Passport for Senior Citizen process, downward listed documents are subjective. Besides, more documentation work might be required as considered by the APO/RPO. Also, the final decision will be of APO/RPO. Moreover, being a first-time applicant, your passport application will be processed on Post-Police Verification basis if you have fully furnished your Voter ID, PAN, Aadhar card, and an affidavit in an Annexure-I format. Furthermore, this mode of the process enables faster passport issuance. Plus, you do not need to pay additional fees but remember this is subject to online validation of the Aadhar number. Additionally, it might be possible for the PAN and EPIC to also be validated from the respective database if needed.

  • Electricity Bill
  • Aadhar Card 
  • Water Bill
  • Gas Connection Proof
  • Telephone Bill
  • Voter-ID or Election Commission photo Id card
  • Registered Rent Agreement
  • Income Tax Assessment Order
  • Photo Passbook of Bank Account 
  • Certificate by an employer on letterhead of reputed companies.
  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate 
  • Affidavit Sworn before a Notary or Magistrate stating date of birth(D.O.B) and place as per Annexure ‘A.’
  •  Birth Certificate
  • Verification Certificate according to the specimen as per Annexure ‘F.’
  • Voter ID Proof or Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC)
  • Standard Affidavit as per Annexure-I is mandatory.
  • Passport copy of the child who is staying abroad. Another copy of the page bearing the parent’s name is required. Also, the age of the child should be at least 18 years.
  • PAN card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Gas Connection Bill
  • Bank passbook, Post office passbook, or Kisan Passbook
  • Registered Rent Agreement
  • The valid student Photo Identity Cards issued by Governmental Recognized Educational Institutions for full-time courses
  • Driving Licenses
  • Birth Certificates issued under the RBD Act
  • The Service Photo Identity Card issued by Public Sector Undertakings, State or Central Government, Public Limited Companies, or local bodies
  • Railway Identity Cards
  • SC certificate, ST certificate, or OBC Certificates
  • Required Pension Documents including ex-servicemen’s Pension Book or Pension Payment order, ex-servicemen’s Widow or Dependent Certificates, Widow Pension Order, Old Age Pension Order
  • Arms Licenses
  • Property Documents including Pattas, Registered Deeds, etc.
  • Freedom Fighter Identity Cards

Process of Fees/Payment-

While discussing the fee structure for a fresh passport, the senior citizens must fulfill the exact fee requirements as any other adult. Furthermore, the fee amount depends upon the number of pages you require in your booklet. The fee structure also depends on selecting the average or tatkal schemes.





36 Pages

Rs. 3,500


60 Pages

Rs. 4,000


36 Pages

Rs. 1,500


60 Pages

Rs. 2,000

Moreover, to visit the PSK, you must schedule a time in advance. When visiting the PSK, you must have the required papers. All such information and actions you can acquire through Passport Seva online.