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Passport For Government Employee

A passport for government employees is one of the types of services that people can apply for. The process for issuing passports to government workers, civil officials, PSUs, autonomous bodies, and other parties has been made more straightforward with the assistance of Passport Seva Online. However, Identity Certificates (IC) are required in the case of such applicants. Furthermore, a No Objection Certificate is also a requirement that is challenging for government employees. The government has added a new mechanism called a prior notification letter to address this. Before submitting their application, the passport applicant might send this letter to the governing authority. This facilitates process acceleration and simplifies the passport application procedure.

Passport For Government Employee

Procedures For Applying

Earlier it was a bit challenging for government employees to apply for a passport. But not anymore. Some practical measures were taken to streamline the processes. Before, workers had to ask their employers for a No Objection Certificate (NOC). Following that, they could enter the Passport Seva Kendra without making an appointment. The NOC would need to be delivered before the passport application process could start. Later, the police verification would take place. However, in the current system, the government has both streamlined the procedure and removed some perks.

  • A Prior Intimation Letter is required to advise the governing authority or administration of the employee’s passport application.
  • Any objection regarding the application from the administration’s side must be addressed to the RPO directly.
  • The passport application procedure will not change from that for ordinary applicants.
  • Employees’ relatives must also go through the standard passport application procedure. Furthermore, no special ways will come into action for the same.
  • Candidates must register online on the Passport Seva website before they want to submit their applications. Link to the portal –
  • After that, they can complete and submit an application.
  • Once the application has been submitted correctly, they can move to the next step, which is payment.
  • They can schedule an appointment once the transaction is complete and accepted.
  • The applicant must show up in person at the Passport Office on the scheduled day and time.
  • The applicant can then get a token, present all of their paperwork, and supply any necessary biometric data and photos.
  • The management at the passport office will assist the applicants throughout. Once the verification process is complete, they’ll provide a receipt.
  • Passport verification may or may not be necessary, depending on the papers you submit.
  • Applicants will receive their passports via courier at their given address.

For the passport application, Government servants and employees of PSUs or Statutory bodies can submit the following documents:


  • Copy of the Prior Intimation to the employing authority or administrative authority
  • No objection Certificate from the administrative body
  • Identity Certificate from the controlling authority or executive authority

Application Fees for Government Employees

While applying for a passport on Passport Seva Online for government employees, paying the fees online at the time is essential. The following information will brief you on the application fees.





36 pages

Rs. 1,500


60 pages

Rs. 2,000


36 pages

Rs. 3,500


60 pages

Rs. 4,000

You have the ability to see saved or submitted applications after submitting your application online. After that, you can pay and make an appointment. An appointment must be scheduled before the money can be accepted. Additionally, the PSK online uses SBI Payment Portal on the website. Thus, the following payment methods are accepted:


  • Visa and MasterCard debit cards will incur a 1.5% fee plus service tax.
  • Visa or MasterCard credit card with 1.5% charge plus service tax.
  • Internet Banking is free.
  • No cost SBI Challan.

Therefore, you must complete the online payment for whatever scheme you choose. Once your tatkal request has been approved, you must pay the remaining balance in cash at the Passport Seva Kendra.

Police Verification Procedure

Passport For Government Employee
  • Police verification will be completed with the Prior Intimation Letter before issuing the passport.
  • If the employee produces an Identity Certificate in original form in accordance with Annexure-B, police verification can be waived.
  • For a government employee who provides a NOC under Annexure-M, the passport may be issued after police verification.
  • If a retired government worker files a Pension Payment Order, a passport will be awarded following police verification.
  • Police verification will be required in the event of passport renewal.
  • Suppose the government employee provides an Identity Certificate in original form as per Annexure-B (for dependents) and a Standard Affidavit as per Annexure-I. In that case, family members of employees may avoid police verification.

Prior Intimation Letter for Passport

Prior Intimation is a letter advising the regulating authority or administration of the passport applicant’s application. Furthermore, before submitting a passport application, this notification must be sent. The format to send this information is Annexure-N. A copy of the earlier notice will be forwarded to the same controlling authority of the employee/applicant after the submitted passport application. The administration might contact the Regional Passport Office again if they have any concerns about the passport’s issuing along with their justifications. The Passport Issuing Authority will make the final determination about passport issuance.

Notification of No Objection

The regulating authority or administrative authority issues the NOC in Annexure-M format. The NOC assists PSU and government personnel in obtaining their passport. The passport will only be issued after police verification if only the NOC is provided; otherwise, police verification is necessary.

The IC should be distributed using the Annexure-B format. The administrative or governing authority where the employee works will be the one to issue the IC. The IC assists government workers, PSU employees, and employees of autonomous bodies in obtaining their passports. The police verification can be omitted with the IC. Without any police verification, the passport will be issued.

  • For a passport to be issued quickly, the employee’s spouse and dependant children under the age of 18 can submit the Identity Certificate. Annexure T must be submitted along with the IC if the applicant is doing so.
  • On official stationery or office letterhead, IC must be issued.
  • Acceptable NOC forms include simple paper with a signature or stamp.
  • The applicant submits the Prior Intimation, which needs to be written on plain paper.
  • The controlling authority’s phone number, fax number, and email address should be listed on all three documents so that the passport office can confirm the information.
  • Military personnel with APO addresses can apply for Tatkal Passports at their current duty station. Additionally, they can fill out their permanent address on their passport and submit their applications there. In certain situations, the passport may be given to the spouse or adult children if the spouse is divorced or has passed away via an authorization letter. Applicants can obtain the passport in person or via mail. Personnel in the Navy and Air Force must follow the same process.
  • From the date of issuance, all three documents are valid for a period of six months.

Before traveling abroad, the government employee needs to get approval from their department or ministry. According to the directives the Department of Personnel and Training and other relevant authorities issued, the conduct guidelines remain the same.